The latest changes to Google’s search algorithms have marketers and web designers scrambling to devise new ways to boost SEO results. If your company is currently struggling to climb the search rankings, you may be missing out on an important tool that helps drive more traffic. The more you engage and share on social media, the better your search results will be. If you’re not sure how to continue driving traffic to your site through social media, read on to learn how.

Actual Search Engine Ranking

Believe it or not, your company’s Facebook profile might just show up before your website in a Google search. The same is true for your Twitter account. If you’re not making the most of your “About Us” sections to direct buyers from social media to your website, you could be missing out on a great deal of traffic.

The fact remains that many buyers will seek out your social media accounts before they even approach your website. This is often to get a feel for your company culture before they invest more time and money. Make sure your brand is consistent across all channels.

Boost in Search Query Volume

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are all great places to connect with other like-minded business owners and even fans and friends of your brand. Engagement is important for building relationships, but you can also boost the number of searches for your site through these social platforms.

By simply sharing your best content according to the buyer personas that are most likely to frequent each of your social accounts, you get your brand out there for more eyes to see. More eyes equal more curiosity, which then results in a higher number of searches.

Post According to Buyer Personas

Not every social media platform will bring the same results. Sure, Facebook is the largest network, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see more conversions from Facebook than from Twitter. In fact, your biggest driver of traffic might just be Pinterest or Instagram. Business that cater to other businesses probably find that LinkedIn has been the most helpful.

The key to excellent social media results is to go where your followers are. That means you need to determine which social network will play host to your buyer personas. Of course, you also can’t just count on one. While Instagram or Pinterest may refer the lion’s share to your particular website, you could still see a fair amount from other places.

Social Sharing Builds Links

Every time you share a link to your site on a social media account, you build links for Google to index. This also helps you boost your ratings in SEO, as social media accounts are considered quality sources. Of course, you want to make sure that your social platforms are of good quality and remain in good standing so as not to jeopardize your site’s ranking.

Google Author Rank

Again, there’s nothing Google likes more than quality content. By linking any content you write to your Google+ account, you not only tell Google that a real person with actual experience with the subject matter wrote the blog, but you also tell readers that, too. Building trust is one of the most important aspects of content marketing, and you do that by establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Visitors will seek out your site to read information from an expert.

Faster Indexation of Content

The more links your website has, the faster Google will index that page. Your social media accounts attached to your page will show more links to both your site and others that you might share.

Also adding to the ability to drive more traffic is the rate at which your content is shared. When influencers share your content, the page on which that content appears will be indexed even more quickly.

Social Media Contests

Social media is a great place to get people excited about your products. The fastest way to get people talking is to give things away. We’re certainly not fans of constant freebies, but a good contest brings new followers out of the woodwork. People who may have only been familiar with your brand in passing will definitely stop by if they have the chance to win valuable prizes.

To make the most of social traffic, be sure the contests refer buyers to your website. If the whole contest takes place within the social media platform, you may not see increased traffic at all. And if buyers never visit the first time, they won’t remember where to go once the dust from the contest settles.

Better Ranking for Quality Connections

As previously mentioned, great shares from influencers can boost the traffic to your site. According to research, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, family, and other reliable sources. They get that information from social media, in many cases.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true when your followers are not of great quality. This means buying Twitter followers, spamming LinkedIn connections, and even creating bogus accounts for more shares will hurt you more in the long run. In addition to the ding you’ll receive from Google, you’ll also put your customers’ trust in you at risk.

Higher Engagement for Better Traffic

Once you have an enviable list of followers, you must engage. A social media account that does nothing but spew specials and marketing content all day will turn off even the most loyal followers. Those who aren’t invested to begin with certainly won’t take the time to visit your website.

Engagement does involve responding to mentions and comments, but you should also go out of your way to leave comments and mentions of your own. You’ll notice a big difference in customer opinion in a very short time.

Searches for Reviews

If you include sections for reviews on your social media, you can boost the number of searches that lead directly to you. Third-party sites have their places, but you really want customers to get the news directly from you. When someone searches for reviews of the products you carry, they may just end up on your social media sites, such as Facebook and Google+. Those will, in turn, direct the customers to your website.

Ranking by Keywords

While keyword stuffing is generally frowned upon in your website content and blogs, that doesn’t mean you should abandon them completely. Make sure the most important search terms show up in your profiles for your social media accounts. This will help you not only with Google, but also with the next point.

In-App Searches

Keep in mind that Google isn’t the only search engine out there. In fact, most social media platforms have their own search functions that can help you drive traffic to your website. By using the search terms you hope buyers will use to find you, your company is likely to show up higher in in-app searches, too.

The platform you use may have an effect on your referred traffic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with as many as possible. Maybe Facebook refers 20 times more traffic than Twitter, but can you really do without the visitors that just might come from Twitter?

Customized Search Results Based on Network

Social media also keeps an eye on who’s reading your content. Tracking the users who engage with your content allows Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to refer your company to other potential buyers who have similar interests.

Geotagging for Local Search

With such far-reaching effects from social media platforms, the ability to reach local audiences sometimes is forgotten. Be sure to include your geographic location on all accounts. You never know who will find you based on your location information.

As you can see, leaving your Twitter account to die a slow death is a bad idea. Jump back on board the social media train to start driving more traffic to your site today. If you’re already experiencing excellent results from your social shares, let us know what works best for you. We’d love to hear from you, so leave us a comment.