Video marketing has taken the online world by storm. It is no news that videos get the maximum exposure on social media, providing users a chance to quickly see how a product looks and works without having to read a wall of text. In fact, visually appealing videos can do more than just entertain your followers.

It is worthy to mention here that 93 percent of marketers are currently using videos for online marketing, sales and communication. A huge number of these videos are animated explanatory videos in addition to behind the scenes etc.

Video marketing is a great option for most types of businesses. We’ve put together a list of 3 businesses that can reap maximum benefits from video marketing. So, here we go with our list:

1. Healthcare

Video marketing has opened a window of opportunity for organizations working in the healthcare sector. Whether you are in the dental business or are managing a clinic or a hospital, video marketing can do wonders for you. It can differentiate you from the crowd of healthcare providers by helping you to establishing stronger bonds with your clients.

You can take your potential patients on a virtual tour of your hospital or practice through a video. You can provide your clients how-to’s in the form of videos, and you can even put video testimonials from happy clients on your website. Remember, 74 percent of all Internet traffic by 2017 will be video-based, according to Invodo.

2. Hotels and Restaurants

Being in the hospitality business, you are continuously searching for the most effective ways to reach out to tourists, travelers and food lovers, so you can help them pick their next destination. Hotels and restaurants can no longer ignore video marketing, and if they do, they would be losing a great deal of business.

According to Think With Google statistics, 96 percent travelers plan their tours online and 46 percent of them watch videos regularly. When they initiate their travel planning, that number increases to 66 percent. Moreover, 63 percent of travelers depend on travel videos to decide their next destination.

Most restaurants already post videos of their chefs cooking or their guests enjoying the food. You, too, can try something like this.

3. Beauty Salon and Day Spa

If you are in the beauty salon or day spa business, you are selling a total experience, not just a service. Remember, experiences come packed with excitements, emotions, and aspirations, and there is no better way than using video to display those experiences to your target market.

You can make videos of how you help your clients achieve their beauty goals and what pampering processes they undergo to achieve these goals. In simple words, videos convey your client’s experiences in your beauty salon or day spa.

If you are in the hotel, restaurant, beauty salon or healthcare business, invest in video marketing today and reap the benefits tomorrow. However, this is not just limited to these businesses and other businesses line online marketing businesses etc. can also get a boost with the help of video marketing.

Video marketing is very powerful, and it can deliver really quick return. Videos can also help you to rank higher on Google. According to Forrester Research, when you use video marketing, you have 50 percent more chance of ranking on page 1 of Google.

So without a doubt you should jump the bandwagon. Have more questions? Get in touch with us today, and follow our news round-up for all things marketing. Check out one of our videos below: