Industry influencers have something you don’t: a large committed audience that loves their content and will share it with others. However, you can gain access to this audience to promote your content and sell your products by getting the attention of the Influencer they follow.

So how can you connect with an Influencer? Try these three tactics:

Comment on Their Personal Platform
Leaving thoughtful comments on an Influencer’s blog, Youtube channel, or whatever platform they own shows that you have an understanding of their content and are interested in their individual voice. Comments full of constructive feedback can be very helpful to Influencers who are looking to improve their content and business.

Commenting can be a method of relationship building. If an Influencer sees that you have commented on their page, they have no choice but to respond. Constant conversation with them has the potential to grow a relationship beyond online comments. For example, if you are looking to guest post on their blog, the Influencer will be open to that opportunity.

Write Product Reviews
Last year I read the book Everybody Writes: Your Go-to Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley. It was an informative read, and a subject related to a blog that I was writing for at the time. So I wrote a 1,000-word book review summarizing its major points, what I liked and disliked, and who would benefit from it the most.

Since Handley is active on social media, I tagged her on Twitter and told her I wrote a review of her latest book. She thanked me and tweeted a post with a link to the book review.
I got a lot of social media shares from that post and was exposed to a new but similar audience.

Influencers like it when you show proof that you purchased their product and are willing to review it. Even a review saying why you didn’t like a product and what should be changed can be helpful to them because you are providing constructive feedback.

Be a Case Study
A more useful asset to an Influencer than a book review is a case study or testimonial. The goal of case studies and testimonials are to provide social proof that a service or product is worth buying because they were able to deliver results.

Successful online entrepreneur, Bryan Harris, guest-starred on the Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn about product creation and launches. To grow his email list, Harris connected with Influencers that he idolized and had sold similar products to his own. He bought an online course called Monthly 1K that is sold by Noah Kagan of Appsumo. He enjoyed the class and even recorded his results.

He wrote a short email to Kagan thanking him for selling the course and the results he got from it. Kagan was so grateful for the email that he featured Harris in Appsumo’s email newsletter. He used Harris’s results as social proof on how effective his online course is.

Even Pat Flynn admitted to featuring people on his podcast and shows because of similar outreach.