2016 is here! Blogging is a great way to get attention in your industry, but why not gain authority by providing content in different forms? A lot of niches have become saturated with so much written articles that a lot of business and brands struggle to get their voices heard with the same content. This year businesses should diversify their content strategy to with these forms:


Recently, podcasts have made a major comeback. Brands are updating their podcasts like they update their blogs. Pat Flynn, the founder of the podcast series Small Passive Income, has a large audience that is dedicated to listening to his content and supporting his business endeavors. Today he’s able to have a profitable online business selling eBooks, online training, iPhone apps, and podcast players.

One of the reasons why podcasts has become so popular is that it allows listeners to get a greater understanding of the people behind the business. Podcasts can be seen as a personal and intimate invitation to learn about their vulnerabilities and secrets to success. Podcasters can gain a competitive advantage over other content creators in their niche by interviewing and collaborating with accomplished leaders in their industry.


Webinars allow businesses to bring value to the people who need it by providing and showing important information. It’s often used as a workshop, or lecture to teach a specific skill or technique. Newscred teamed up with Buzzfeed months ago to teach viewers the importance of marketing to millennials.

These can also be used to pre-sell products or courses. For example, Nathan Chan, the founder of Foundrmag, has a webinar about building a brand through Instagram. But if you have ever watched the webinar you would notice that not only does it shows some tips on how to better your Instagram but it is actually a step in his sales funnel to selling his online course on Instagram marketing.

Blog-to-book series

A popular book is seen to many as the ultimate confirmation that the author knows what he or she is talking about and is a leader in their industry. If you want to write a book, you can use your blog as inspiration for the content between the pages. Writing articles on your blog kills two birds with one stone: you’re providing substance for your blog and writing a few chapters of your book!

After publishing articles on your blog, look at your social media metrics and comments to find out what topics best resonate with your readers. The articles that get the best feedback should be included in your book and the ones that don’t, should not.


Presentations can be very helpful for B2B businesses. They can be shared online and offline. For online presentations you can use affordable tools like PowerPoint or Keynote to make them visually appealing. Than share them on Slideshare so other people in your industry can see them.

Another option is to share presentations at live events like workshops, meetups, and conferences. In person meetings and hangouts very much beat online conversations because having people present slides themselves with energetic performances makes them more convincing and trusting.