Visual media is an effective, and convincing way to promote your business online. We already covered the importance of visual media in one of the previous articles. As technologies have advanced, and now more people are accessing the Internet via their smartphone, visual media has become even more important.

Take the example of video, which was not considered significant in business promotion until YouTube took it mainstream. Remember, customers mostly watched a video or looked at an image before they proceeded to the text. In the extremely cluttered World Wide Web, you only get seconds to garner the attention of your potential customers, and visual media just does that for you.
Studies have confirmed that visual media is the best tool to promote your business because your target market has the propensity to consume images and videos faster than plain text. In this article we’ll be looking at four reasons why this is happening and how the world of visual media is a major part of online marketing.

Visual media offers clarity

Remember, some components of visual messages are delivered at a subliminal level. Most importantly, different colors can trigger different emotions in your target audience, and help them to make relevant decisions. For example, when you use black color in your videos and images, your potential customers will associate it with strength and power at the subconscious level.

Visual media helps your customers retain the message

Visual media is powerful because it helps your potential customers retain the delivered information. Remember, almost 90 percent of the messages that are delivered to the brain are visual.

Visual media stimulates interest

Visual media captures the attention of the viewers and triggers their interests on different levels. This ultimately makes your offer appear more exciting and interesting to the audience. It is pertinent to note that an interested and excited audience can remember the conveyed message more than an unengaged audience. This means that visual media can be used to create strong association and bonding with your audience.

Personal and simple communication

When it comes to plain text, it becomes hard to communicate your message at a personal level. However, with visual media you can deliver your message in a personal and simple way, identifying your business with the audience. You can even communicate complex information in elegant and creative ways with visuals. For example, instead of writing a plain text to brag about your products, you can engage your audience by making a video of how you manufacture your products. This would generate interest in your target audience, and the chance for the content to go viral can increase.