Hundreds of methods of marketing your business exist, but not all of these marketing methods are worthwhile or beneficial to your business. In order to build your brand and ensure maximum profits are coming through the door it is essential that you’ve selected the best of those marketing methods. Here we will take a look at 5 awesome marketing techniques that you’re probably not using, but should be, if you’re looking to really send your business to the next level.

Text Marketing:

Around 90% of the population has a cell phone that is kept on their person throughout the day. Another 80% of those cell phone uses have a smartphone, and another 65% depend upon their smartphone to find deals and offers from their favorite brands. Medium to large businesses can use text marketing to stay in touch with their customers and keep them coming through the doors by offering unique, can’t miss discounts and special offers. Build a text message marketing list and you have access to immediate customer interaction for your brand.

Email Marketing:

Many people speculated that email marketing was dead; a thing of the past. This is not true. Today ‘opt-in’is required before an email message can be sent to a person. Anyone who ‘opts-in’to receive your offers is obviously interested in what you have to say. Although it is a bit slower and has a few disadvantages, email marketing is still an excellent marketing technique not to miss. Build a lucrative email list by offering a free product or other enticing incentive, then use those names to market!


If you’ve yet to start a blog for your business, you are way behind and need to up the ante A.S.A.P. Blogging is an excellent way to show your expertise in a particular field while also spreading the word of your existence. Well-written, genre tailored content can certainly help your brand explode.

Promotional Products:

They’re old-fashioned and out of date? Think again! Promotional products are definitely marketing techniques used way back when, but today they work just as well as ever. People love freebies –and when your name is on that freebie you’ll be the first company they call when they need your product or service. In addition promotional products such as ink pens usually find their way into the hands of at least 8 people before the end. This gives you 8 more sets of eyes to see your business.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the number one marketing method around. And it isn’t optional. If you’ve not incorporated SEO into your website scheme you’re certainly missing traffic, customers and potential business. SEO is a pretty complicated ordeal. You can learn the ropes or hire a marketing SEO specialist to handle your needs. But you can also ensure that your content is tailored to SEO by implementing keywords related to your business and by providing meaningful, well-written content on your website.

If you’re ready to send your business to the next level these five marketing techniques should be used starting today. Why continue to miss out on customers and potential profit?