The landing page is a page on your website which serves as a portal to further interaction between you and the visitor. How effectively it serves the visitor’s needs will determine whether the visitor will become a customer or will simply move to another website.

Anybody that visits your page usually decides within the first 5 seconds if it is worth checking, which is why it is important to be careful. To help you get the right landing page, given below are some valuable tips.

1) Avoid the Cookie-Cutter Design Method

It is tempting to do a quick Google search for “landing page layout” and throw together a design based on the first result that looks good. This is a bad idea for two reasons.
a) The design will not flow well.
b) The fixed design will narrow down your content choices.

Customize the idea to your product and customers’ expectations. If the customer does not find information quickly, they will move on to a competitor’s website.There are online tools (such as Unbounce, LeadPages, and InstaPage) to quickly create a landing page, but these will only help if you already have an idea of what information and look you want.

2) Visible CTA (Call to Action)

Your landing page must give your visitor a clear way to interact further. Include a Button/Option that clearly says what the customer wants to do.
Most Common CTAs:
▪ Shop Now
▪ Sign Up
▪ Try It
▪ Contact Us
▪ See Our Video
Effective landing pages have only one CTA. Lots of requests will end up confusing the visitor.

3) Keep a Narrow Focus

▪ Content

Give a clear message to minimize customer confusion. Keep your copy simple, clear, and concise. Do not put up verbose paragraphs about company vision – move that to the “About” section. Only include relevant information.

▪ Design

Do not clutter up the page with irrelevant or excessive graphical elements. Avoid forms that have too many input boxes; filling them out is a hassle and will drive away the customer.
Make use of white space to narrow the focus to where you want it.

4) Include Thoughtful Offers

Generate quick responses and conversions by making thoughtful offers. These are often a two-step process where the visitor signs up to receive a white paper or some discount code, then you can follow up by emailing them a more tangible offer and relevant information.

The offer should have:
▪ Perceived value to the customer
▪ Relevance to the customer
▪ A sense of urgency to entice action (Buy Now!, Offer Expires Soon, Limited Supply)

5) Use Personalized and Informative Content

Use the data you have collected in the past and from third-party resources to personalize landing pages to your customer preferences. A high degree of personalization increases conversion rates and shows that the business puts customer needs first. Include images, videos, and graphics to attract visitors. People respond to visual information quicker than to textual information.

Landing Page Copywriting Tips

o Use a clear, actionable headline
o Avoid meaningless buzz-words or jargon
o First-person pronouns in CTA
o Offer social proof of popularity (Facebook likes, industry rankings, positive mentions in leading media publications, etc.)
o Describe the uniqueness of your offer