Many business owners spend a great deal of time increasing the amount of traffic that their website gets, yet they are still left wondering “why aren’t my sales increasing?”  While driving traffic to your website is important, it’s pointless if this traffic does not translate into sales. Your conversion rate is how many visitors take action, such as purchasing something, or signing up to a newsletter. Unfortunately, many businesses are so focused on getting traffic to their site, they neglect conversion marketing. Conversion marketing refers to steps that you take to increase your site’s conversion rate. By using a few simple conversion marketing techniques, people that visit your site will be converted from passive visitors, into active customers.

1. Convey a USP

On the Internet, there are literally millions of companies competing with each other. As a website owner, you must give your visitors a reason to purchase your goods, or use your services, over that of your competition. For example, if you sell exercise equipment, why would someone purchase it from you, rather than from another website? This is why you need a USP, which is also known as a unique selling point or a unique selling proposition. As the name suggests, a unique selling point is an aspect of your company that differentiates it from other similar businesses. Think about what makes your company different, and try to think of a phrase or slogan that conveys this. Make sure that your USP is clearly conveyed on your website.

2. Give them Something for Free

Many businesses make the mistake of going straight to the hard sell. This can scare off many visitors, and, as a result, greatly reduce your conversion rate. Rather than jumping straight into sell mode, and trying to convert by pushing a sales pitch on your visitor, give them something of value.  Informative content that has relevance to your target demographic is highly valuable to people who visit your website. For example, if you sell gym equipment, then offer your visitors some useful articles about how to lose weight, or build muscle. You could even give away a short eBook. If you offer your visitors something for free, your company will be portrayed as being helpful, and an authority in the industry.

3. Offer something of Perceived Value/ Additional Value

If a person thinks that they are getting a better deal or something of additional value when they purchase something from you, or use your services, then they will be more inclined to do so. On your website, offer your customers something of perceived or additional value. For example, you could offer a 10% off deal or a free consultation. If you increase the perceived value of your offer, then you will increase your conversion rate too.

4. Use High Quality Copy

Copy is extremely important. When a person visits your website, they need to be convinced to take action, whether this action is signing up for your newsletter, contacting your company, or purchasing a product from you. High quality copy is the most effective tool for doing this. Well written copy will compel visitors to take action. Hire a copywriter to write copy for your website. This copy should act as your sales pitch, and encourage your visitors to make a decision to purchase your product or use your services.

5. Use a Clear Call to Action

Your website needs to tell each visitor what to do. You can have great sales pitch, and a professionally designed website, but if your visitors don’t know what action to take, then your conversion rates won’t increase. Your website should clearly demonstrate what action you want from your visitors. The best way to do this is with a call to action. A call to action is a prompt that compels your visitors to take action. For example, if you want your visitor to sign up to your newsletter, then you would include clickable links saying “sign up to our newsletter now”, and include sign up boxes on every page of your website. You want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to take action. Don’t make a visitor work hard to purchase your product or sign up to a newsletter. If it’s too difficult for your visitor, they will give up and leave your site, and as a result, lower your conversion rate.

6. Engage your Audience

Many companies are so determined to appear professional and be an authority figure in their industry, that they distance themselves from their customers. Customers want a company that they can trust, which is why so many people get recommendations from friends and family, on which goods to buy and services to use. If you want to be viewed as a trustworthy company, then it’s important that you interact and engage with your customers, on a more personal level. The best way to do this is with social media. Create a Twitter page and a Facebook page for your business, and interact with your customer base. Not only will your company appear more personable, but it will also make your business visible to thousands of social media users.

7. Make your Site User-Friendly

If a website isn’t laid out well, then it can be a confusing for visitors. On your website, make sure that everything is laid out clearly. If you have a sales pitch on your homepage, then make sure you have a link to the product that you are selling, so that your visitor doesn’t have to search around.

8. Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

One of the best marketing techniques for increasing conversions is using abandoned shopping carts to your advantage. Fairly often, a customer will add items to their basket, but then they will abandon their shopping cart. This can occur even if you have followed all of the techniques above. When your customer adds something to their basket, provide them with a deal or something extra, which will give them an extra incentive to purchase form your site.

By implementing a few simple conversion marketing techniques, you can vastly increase your conversion techniques, and ensure that you get the most out of your site’s traffic. Need more conversion tips? Write us your request directly here.