Perhaps you are on Facebook or Twitter, and you are enjoying yourself, but you well know there is room for improvement. Before you begin to create a strategy for your big plans regarding social media; take some time to think about how you are currently using the platform. Also, you want to audit whether or not you are making any mistakes that unnecessarily hinder your success.

Using social media is one of the most efficient and budget-friendly methods of getting your name and brand out in the public eye. Think of companies that went from zeros to heroes by simply understanding how to effectively leverage the medium. Getting your accounts together is a start, but it takes much more than that. You need to be even more savvy than thousands or millions of other social media users. Why? Because some of them may compete for your time.

Say you already use social media, as most people are, and your results are tepid at best. You get up to check your account, and once again, there is no action, no responses and retweets are dismal. Instead of beating yourself up, you might want to read on to learn what not to do.

1. Being Extremely Shy

Do not be shy when it gets to social media since it was built to be all about your expression. You will be more likely to initiate a debate or a conversation and get favorites/followers/ if you say something. So, think of something to say every single day. If it helps, write your ideas out the night before.

2. Inconsistent Posting

Posting too little or too much is one mistake you can make. You may as well post inconsistently or unpredictably. Instead of posting seven items in the morning and nothing the rest of the day, try spreading them out.

It is much better to post two times a week instead of posting seven times in one week and then you disappear. It is understandable that you are busy. However, if you want social media to work for you, this is just something you have to do. People need to be reminded that you are still around.

3. It is Always All About You

For starters, do not be afraid to convey your dazzling personality and charm. You know it is in there. Try to limit sending out public relations items. Post pictures that can add texture and depth to your presence.

Do not stick to just promoting yourself or your organization without providing any other value. In addition, do not ask too often, or too much. If you want to get to humans interested in your social media posts, you have to post as a human.

4. You Do Not Respect the Privacy of Others

This should actually be common sense, even though the Internet makes it very easy to cross lines when it comes to other’s privacy. Do not post other people’s photos or tag other’s in photos without their consent. This is particularly true of children. Ensure you get permission from their parents before doing so.

Also, bear in mind that privacy does not only apply to photos. Prior to posting anything concerning other people, think about their perspective before posting anything that is not your personal business.

5. Persistently Doing the Wrong Things

You construct a form of means testing to determine whether what you are doing is working out or not. In essence, you need to measure your efforts on social media. You should have specific goals for social media as well as a way to gauge your efforts and results. If you do not adapt your strategies based on what you are learning; you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

6. You Become Anti-Social

Keep in mind that it is a two-way conversation. Therefore, holding up your end of the conversation is crucial if you want to engage, attract and maintain followers. Take advantage of whatever each channel is offering.

Link to different people’s resources, and ensure you give credit to those that provided them. Try to comment on other people’s posts, and always reply when they comment on your posts. Answer any questions that people ask. Failure to do any of these will be overlooking a half of the goodies that social media has to offer.

7. Your Posts Are Not Relevant

Social media platforms are all about outreach, but they are also an extension of your own company or brand name, it has to be. Whatever you decide to post needs to be connected with your mission. Just make sure you stay on topic as much as you can. In the first place, your goal is to attract people to your organization using social media. So, people are interested in how you aim to achieve your goals.

8. You Do Not Pay Attention to the Channel

Every social media channel is different, with different protocols, different rules and different forms of etiquette. It is very important to understand and abide by each of the rules. Twitter posts need to be brief, but you are allowed to post as many times as you wish. It is a two-way conversation, which means sharing links, and interacting with people.

On the other hand, Facebook gives you a chance to type longer posts, but followers only expect just a few status updates. Do not confuse the various social media channels.

9. You Do Not Understand the Formalities

Social media has its own rules, both informal and formal. Therefore, following such rules can help you make the most out of each of the sites. Ensure you think of the multiple practices that seem to annoy you whenever others do them.

Think of the ones that you like. Find a way to make those that perfectly work for you. You are probably bound to make some mistakes, of course everyone does, but with a bit of consideration and thinking, you can certainly learn from them and make the most out of your social media page.

Will you be making any changes to your social media approach? Let us know in the comments section below!