Your logo is the most important element of all your branded materials—that includes your website. Now, where is it best to place your logo: left, right, or center? Does logo placement really matter?

Going by traditional practice, logos should be placed on the top left

Why? Most languages are read from left to right, so when looking at your website, most people will naturally look from the left first. That would mean the logo would be at the most advantageous position and the first thing they would notice after arriving at your website.

Left-aligned logos are also the most comfortable for users. During the early years of web development, companies always place logos on top left. That’s why users are more familiar with seeing logos on the left. However, violating this long-standing convention seems like a tempting way to stand out from the crowd. Clearly, placing your logo on the right or center still produces a reasonable web design. Would an unusual logo placement better for your website? Here’s what research says:

Left vs. Right

To know which is more effective between left and right logo placements, Norman Nielsen Group conducted a survey with 128 users. The users saw five websites, each with left-aligned and right-aligned versions, for about a minute.

Results revealed that left-aligned leads to higher brand recall. Left-aligned logos have average brand recall of 39 percent compared 21 percent for the right-aligned version. Another thing despite not following traditional placement, users did not rate web designs with right-aligned logos as more unique than the left-aligned versions of the same website.

Left vs. Center

Left vs. Center - Best Practice to Place Your Logo on Your Website

A follow-up study explored center-aligned and left-aligned logos. The result was that brand recall was deemed inconsistent between web designs with left-aligned and centered logos. This means brand recall isn’t affected whether you choose to place it on the left or center.

However, further research demonstrated that center-aligned logos aren’t highly rated for user experience. The study found that 24 percent of users failed to navigate home with one click when the logo was placed in the center. In comparison, only 4 percent failed to navigate home in a single click when the logo was placed on the left.

Overall, traditional, left-aligned logos are still the best


  • People are used to seeing logos on the left. Putting it on the opposite side greatly affects brand recall.
  • Logos aren’t just part of your visuals. They function as quick navigation buttons for your website. Putting it in center can confuse people.
  • Right-aligned logos aren’t actually evaluated by users as “more unique or stylish,” so moving it to the right for the purpose of being different fails.

It is good that you are thinking about how to get more attention. However, website design isn’t just about what looks good and what is new to the eyes. A seemingly minor change can result in unintended negative effects. If you are not confident about your web design it is best to consult a professional designer or a web development company. At Purple Cow Agency, advice is free. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

There are many ways to make your website stand out; choosing excellent color schemes, utilizing unique images, publishing fresh content, and showcasing likeable or informative videos—these are just a few. However, making shortcuts such as going against traditional web design conventions isn’t the right thing to do.