It does not matter how nicely your website is designed or how much moolah you’re spending on advertising and other such things. If your website does not have the right kind of content, you will find it difficult to find success on the web.

This is largely due to the fact that Google scans content when it comes to ranking websites. If you do not have enough content or the content is not of high quality, then you will find it difficult to rank well on search engines. In addition to this, content can also help influence behavior. Yes, with the right kind of content you can get your desired results from your visitors.

The main focus of successful marketing is to drive behavior and for that you need to have content that would generate leads and drive profitable customer behavior. Given below are few simple steps that can transform your marketing plan into a force of attraction for consumer behavior.

1. Identify Different Segments and Buying Process

People are more likely to enjoy and respond to content that they believe is of some personal use to them. By identifying your customers and dividing them into proper segments according to their buying behavior, you can create content that is more meaningful to each segment and individual client as well. Every person has different needs, roles, priorities, and problems. One-for-all would not work in such cases.

2. Use One Call-To-Action (CTA) Per Page

To drive customer behavior in an efficient and effective manner you should add just one clearly defined call-to-action (CTA) on each page. If all the pages do their job right then the overall goals of the website will be met. However, make sure you do not go over the top, CTAs should be subtle and not forced.

3. Build Promotion Into The Content

Content is king. But if you don’t have effective delivery and distribution of the content then the content cannot showcase its value and do its job that is – to influence behavior. You need to build a strong community that shares and consumes the content generated. If the promotion of the content is not adequate then you can never know its full potential. Efficient delivery requires a combination of networking in the industry, public relations, editorial visibility and social media.

4. Show and Not Just Tell

Most people do not have the time to go through articles to get the point. It has been proven that most people merely scan through an article to find what they’re looking for. With falling attention span one needs to turn to other ways to attract attention and what better than visual media? Videos is a different ballgame, but one can definitely stick to infographics that sum up tons of information in a few words. These have been proven to help and must be given a try.

5. Consistent and Repeated Exposure

Consistency is the key. Your content should be delivered repeatedly to your clients after a specified time period. Repeated exposure to your content would definitely place an impact on your clients and would make a long lasting impression on their decision making.

In addition to all this, your content should be of high quality and attractive for it to be able to leave the desired impression. Remember help is right here if you have trouble creating content that converts.