There are two types of website owners: those who change their website’s layout every few months and those who keep the same layout for several years. It is important to note that website technologies have drastically changed during the last few years. Today, most people have switched from HTML and Flash based web technologies to content management systems like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, so they can easily update their websites.

Though embracing technological changes is a wise move, yet changing your website’s layout too soon, particularly when you don’t preserve the same URLs, has the potential to do more damage to your search engine ranking. According to a study, 571 websites are created every minute; therefore, major search engines like Google require years to properly scrutinize and index your website and create a directory of your website’s backlinks.

It is pertinent to mention here that Google has so far indexed 4.73 billion web pages. Moreover, backlinks take months to develop. Remember, organic SEO takes time because it naturally grows, so changing your website without a thought can be damaging.

The most precious thing about an older website is its ‘page rank’, which normally takes a couple of years to develop. It is also important to understand that when you use 301 redirects to create steadiness between your old and new URLs, Google demotes your page rank. However, this does not mean that you should not change your website layout.

We suggest you to change your website layout for the reasons listed below:

1. To make your website technologies more compatible with latest web standards.

2. When your web host doesn’t encourage SEO, you should consider switching to WordPress because it is the best CMS for SEO.

3. When you note that your website is not displaying properly on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This is particularly important when your business counts on customers who access the Internet through mobile devices.

4. When you think that you require a CMS, so you can easily add and update content on the website yourself. If you plan to regularly add content to your website, WordPress can be the best platform for you.

5. When you plan to add features to your site that can be easily installed through plugins and widgets on a CMS site. Remember, creating calendars, forms, social buttons and other similar features on HTML based websites can be costly and time-consuming. You should use platforms like WordPress because they allow you to easily install and change plugins.

6. When you plan to increase visitor engagement on your website. With CMS web technologies like WordPress, you can easily create polls, add maps, install social interaction buttons and create amazing experiences for your website visitors.

If you’re looking to update your website get in touch with us today. We provide services including SEO that can help your website be successful while looking stylish.