In today’s world of instant information, we place a lot of importance on the information we find on the Internet. People share loads of information and personal experiences about different scenarios and events. We search for answers to our queries in their stories, and then make our decisions based on what we find. In the same way, you will be able to turn more website visitors into regular clients if you also post patient reviews.

This is one of the 21st century’s ways of demonstrating the power of word of mouth. Potential patients want to hear what other people experienced so they know what to expect. Reviews matter a lot.

Here are 3 reasons reviews are essential for your dental practice:

Reviews Aid Your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main focus of every website owner. Search engine crawlers are designed to find the best fit for a user’s query and then to list all the results in descending order based on relevance. Reviews enhance the potential impact of your search engine optimization. Density of traffic and the quality of your website content will also help put your website on top of the search results especially potential patients are searching locally.

Most People Trust Reviews

A huge portion of the population (about 90%) that admit that their buying behavior is influenced by online reviews. If you are going to a place for the first time, it’s always a good idea to do a bit research about the place. This is where reviews come into play. They affect the overall perception of your dental care services, your team, your office and quality of care, and deeply influence the buying behavior of website visitors. Make sure you encourage and remind your patients to leave reviews so that other people can find your practice.

Reviews Help Dentists with Reputation Management

Reviews help you to know what your patients are looking for, where do they think there is room for improvement and what they are saying about your dental care services. In this way, reviews present you with the accurate constructive feedback you are looking for and help you modify, perhaps, some practices to address mentioned patient concerns. It also allows you to update your customers with changes you have made based on their comments. This shows dedication and value your dental practice places in their patients.

Some dentists get a bit upset when they receive negative reviews. However, responding to them professionally, can help you alleviate the situation, and potential impact of negative word-of-mouth marketing can be nipped in the bud by demonstrating that your practice is taking what they say seriously and striving to make things better.