Businesses are always coming up with new, creative strategies and tactics to capture customers’ attention and make their brands stand out. Video marketing, like any other type of content marketing, is the new trend in the marketing landscape, which is used to reach audience through a captivating message.

Owing to widespread technology like video application in smartphones, tablets and 7D cameras; it is easier for businesses to make videos, and for customers to watch them. While video marketing strategy is not rocket science, it is still important to have a solid plan before making the jump.

Here are some tips that you should make sure to incorporate for your video marketing strategy to be successful.

Create a Story

Your video should be such that it triggers customer engagement and interaction. There is no better way to achieve this other than to make your video appealing by relaying a story in order to fascinate your audience. Create a video campaign in which you can narrate a story over a series of videos. This keeps your audience and hopefully potential customers intrigued and impatiently waiting for the next part.

Share Content That Adds Value

To ensure that your video marketing strategy is stellar, you also need to make it shareable rather than only focusing on customer interaction. This can be done by making video clips that add value for the viewers. For instance, if you are a clothing brand, you can share some useful tips for your audience to appear fashionable and glamorous. Also, you can solve user problems by relaying how to use your product on a video clip.

Keep the Video Short and Brief

Whether it is a blog post or a video, keeping it concise is the key. According to a research, marketers barely have 10 seconds to capture the viewer’s’ attention through a video clip as 20% viewers will quit watching in less than 10 seconds of the clip and by 2 minutes 60% of the viewers will click away (assuming they find it uninteresting). As a result, marketers have 10 seconds to capture the viewers’ attention. However, depending upon the purpose of the video, you can increase the video length to 3 minutes, but not a second more.

Various applications like Vine have limited the time frame of the videos to 6 seconds. Thus, your prospective audience is used to short and concise video clips which makes it important for you to take advantage of the short attention span of your customers or else risk losing them.

Ensure That the Video Is User Friendly

Another thing to consider when creating a video marketing strategy is to ensure that your video is easily accessible and shareable. In essence, it should be user-friendly as well.

End With a Call to Action

You should never end your video without having a call to action at the end. Leaving your customers with a short message regarding where they can find you allows them to reach you. Also, you can link to another related video at the end.

In addition to all of this, your videos need to be optimized as well. This is something a large number of business owners are unaware of. It has been proven that optimized videos result in better outcome as compared to videos that are not properly optimized.

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