There is nothing better than a truly remarkable headline and exciting content to spice up your content marketing ROI. Long gone are the days when audiences were obliged to watch television commercials or read the boss’s memo.

Today, there are infinite options when it comes to how consumers view and read site content. In fact, there is so much competition, how do you even stand out? We’re here to help you with a few tips to keep your content profitable and intriguing.

Give Answers to Hot Topics

Search through your favorite social media sites, and find out what people want to know. It should be something in your niche, but you want to present answers in an informative and understandable way. People log on to the Internet for information, and they do so in a conversational way.

Nothing appeals to readers more than their own interests and concerns. If you offer suggestions or solutions to their issues, they will come back in droves. Not to mention, they might bring a few friends with them, as well.

Look at your content through your audience’s eyes before preparing something new. What keeps them up at night? Where do they find joy? When you provide thorough and genuine content, your readers will notice.

Don’t Rush

You might want to produce content just for the sake of producing content, but that would be a mistake. If you intend to grow your viewer base, then your content cannot appear spammy by any means. So, if you have run out of ideas and post something that does not have your heart in it; it will show. How you can avert this is by setting aside time to come up with topics that appeal to your community.

Once you have a set of topics, make a schedule for when you plan to research and write. Of course, you may have an episode of writer’s block every now and then, but you can overcome that by free writing. No content is better than weak content, which can turn your readers off.

Make it Snappy

When you’re preparing short messages for your blog or any of your social media accounts, you want to keep it to-the-point. No one has the patience to wade through long diatribes that go on and on forever. We live in an instant world, and we want immediate gratification.

Practice conveying your message in as few words as possible. Additionally, keep your paragraphs short. Three to five sentences should do. And, keep your tweets between 70 and 125 characters, if possible.

Maintain A Theme

When preparing a complex scientific or technical document, it can be easy to get lost in the details. While you want to keep accuracy, you also want to stick to the heart of your message. Readers can get lost in all of the intricate specifications just as much as you can.

Once you have a theme, write your points in logical order, separating them using subheaders or sections. The benefit is readers will find your writing to be much more understandable. Moreover, they can pick through and read over the details of their preference.

Offer Value

How do you make your readers feel better after reading your content? You do this by providing value. This means that you share information either no one else has shared, or you present it in a new and updated way.

When you know what your readers want, then it is your job to give it to them. If they want to find ways to spend more time with family, help them do that. Offer new information with each post. Don’t be afraid to share, because your readers will reciprocate in kind.

Provide Statistics

You can easily write about how wonderful your product and service is, how it has changed lives and even use a phrase such as ground-breaking or sensational. Unfortunately, people want proof. To illustrate, if you say your clients love your services, that would be fine. But, if you say, “Our clients love our services so much, we have a 95% retention rate,” that would be even better.

Speaking of statistics here are a few regarding content marketing:

  • Content marketers use an average of six social media platforms.
  • 79% of successful content marketers found blogs to be the most efficient method.
  • 61% of consumers feel more trust towards a company that publishes custom content.

Picture An Individual Or Your Audience When Writing

This might throw you off a bit, but it works. Imagine their facial features, work attire and even location. Figure out what they might be doing at the moment. You will see your writing improve significantly.

It is difficult to write for a vague object. You need to have a persona in mind, and you will notice the words start to flow a lot more quickly. It is similar to how you would approach people in person. For example, if you wanted to ask your boss for a new ergonomic chair, how would you craft your conversation?

Make Your Content Breathable With White Space

If you just focus on typography; what types of sites appeal to you? Do you like something streamlined with a balance of white space or something overflowing with icons and text? You can apply this to your writing, as well.

Keeping an article breathable means there are separations and breaks. You have headers, subheaders and bullet points that make it easy to follow. This gives a nice repose for the eye. It can be overwhelming, consuming text in one large chunk.

Follow Success

You should always make room for improvement; we all should. Another way to keep your content exciting is by taking cues from noteworthy blogs. Focus on how they convey their messages and how they interact with their audience.

Furthermore, they may give you some inspiration. You don’t want to copy them outright. However, you can come away with a few new concepts and put your own spin on it.

Your value comes from your ideas, research and knowledge. You will always have these items available to you so you will never have to worry about creating engaging content.