Instagram is one of the most famous apps with millions of active users. It mostly focuses on visual content, images, and short video clips and is massively popular with celebrities.
Celebrities dominate the Instagram list of fame. Some names worth mentioning are:

● Singer, Ariana Grande (25m followers)
● Singer and diva, Beyonce Knowles (26 million followers)
● Kim Kardashian (46 million followers, highest number)

A Major Misconception About Instagram

The popularity with celebrities has characterized Instagram as more of an entertainment-focused image feed. Most business organizations have dismissed Instagram as something that cannot be a part of an online social media strategy. However, this idea is changing rapidly as major brands have realized the importance of Instagram as a brand-building platform. Leading brands such as Mercedes Benz, Airbnb, GoPro, and Xbox have embraced Instagram as an integral social media marketing component.

Instagram – The King of Social Engagement?

● Instagram has some 300 million active users according to industry statistics.
● A report by content marketing experts Shareholic shows that social media now drives an astonishing 31% of overall traffic to sites.
● A study by Forrester called Instagram the ‘the king of social engagement’

Instagram can serve as an important platform to help build your brand. It has a strong teen following in America.

▪ Behind-the-Scenes Look at Your Business

Use Instagram to show the user a behind-the-scenes look at the way you conduct your business. Build trust and integrity by showing how you conduct business. Pictures of company events are popular. Share content related to the company’s charity work.

▪ Higher User Interaction

User interaction with brands is the highest here compared to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

▪ Suitable for Big Brands and Small Businesses

Large multinationals are not the only ones who can take advantage of Instagram.

Many small businesses have created clever and creative campaigns. Look to them for inspiration. A few brilliant examples can be found here.

o Bonpuf (@bonpuf)
o Moi Flower (@moi_flower)
o Fallen Industry (@fallenindustry)
o Paper and Pop (@paperpopcards)
o Candy Clothing (@candyclothingco)

▪ Take Advantage of User Generated Content

Instagram is not a passive feed; brands can leverage the power of User Generated Content (UGC) by encouraging users to reply to photos with their own photos.

▪ Allows for a More Flexible Posting Frequency

Posting every day is not necessary; you can customize and test your posting frequency. Keep the posts relevant and be sure to follow back your followers.

▪ Move Past Selling

In order to become successful at Instagram, we recommend you move away from the traditional mindset that has you stuck in a communicate-to-sell position; social media marketing only works if your strategy focuses on connecting with your customers as stakeholders and giving them the driver’s seat.