In previous weeks, a vast majority of social networks and platforms have released data that highlight the Micro Moment. Twitter, for example, recently launched “Moments,” a smartphone app is a “lightning bolt” option that directs the user to a list of the best “only-on-Twitter Moments.” These are things like citizens reporting events as they happened, conversations between celebrities and leaders, cultural memes, and commentary on big sporting events.

A week before Twitter’s launch of Moments, Facebook IQ published “Moments That Matter” stating that Facebook contains billions of pictures and posts related to the most important steps in a user’s life. Before that, Google published a Micro-Moments Guide.

Why Video Marketers need to take Advantage of Micro Moments

Micro Moments are becoming essential for video marketers and companies need to be ready for them. Most people check their phones 150 times each day and spend 177 minutes on their phones daily – that’s means 1 minute and 10 seconds for each check. This means an astronomical opportunity for video marketers to reach potential new clients. The key is to time these segments properly to fit within this window of time. Peoples’ lives are already loaded with other activities like speed dating, on-demand services, fast food, and much more. They won’t necessarily come looking for you. You have to go looking for them and take advantage of those few precious seconds when their attention is on what’s happening in their Internet world.

There are a few variations that help increase the effect of video marketing on a company’s advertising.

According to reliable resources, the most watched video on YouTube (with 2.4 billion views) is “Gangnam Style” by PSY, which is 4 minutes and 12 seconds long. The most watched video on Facebook that went viral is from SketchShe that, at the time that this blog post was written, has 212.3 million views. It’s only 3 minutes and 30 seconds long.

All you have to do as a video marketer is capture the attention of the viewer from the start to the end without that user being distracted by another activity.

When talking about micro videos, ‘Duck Army’ is the most watched “vine” to date. It is just 6 seconds long. The most viewed Instagram video is “Just Tickling Simba!” which accumulated about 7.2 million views. It is 15 seconds in length. And Twitter’s most watched video to date is about a fussy hedgehog and is also 15 seconds long. It doesn’t take long to make a lasting impression. Combined, these videos are only 36 seconds long.

Video Content That Matters Irrespective of the Length

The key to using this medium effectively is to avoid being average. While creating content for vines, moments that matter must be under 6 seconds long. But if the content is to be uploaded to YouTube, then there are no limits. The key is to focus on content that truly matters to people, tugs at the heartstrings, and gets your brand in front of potential customers that you would never be able to reach otherwise.