Attracting visitors to your website is hard enough; what’s worse is more than half of those visitors are passive. They will leave your webpage for another after a mere glance. If your website doesn’t already have a chat box function, then you’re missing out on an excellent way to engage your website visitors and turn them into potential customers. A lot of studies reveal that using live chat increases sales and conversions. If you haven’t decided yet if you want to ask your web development company for a live chat service, here are a few points that will help you change your mind:

Benefits of Having Live Chat

  • It increases your online presence. More than 30 percent of shopping searches on Google happens after office hours—around 10pm-4am. Live chat allows you to keep a 24-hour presence online and respond to your customers quickly.
  • It helps you reach out to your customers proactively. While visitors are browsing your website, are you gonna sit back and wait for them to leave? You can customize your chat box to greet visitors, ask if they have questions or offer free trials. Although not all of them will reply, you have cast the net wider.
  • It increases your customer acquisition and retention. According to a report on eMarketer, 35 percent more people made online transactions after using live chat. Meanwhile, 63 percent of customers are more likely to return to websites with live chat.
  • It improves your customer experience. Picking up the phone for a simple question is quite the hassle. Email responses take more than 12 hours. Meanwhile, social media responses take as long as 10 hours. Live chat is faster and more convenient than anything else in customer service.
  • It reduces your expenses. Compared to phone support, live chat is at least 50 percent less expensive according to Forrester. In using live chat, customer service agents can handle as many as six customers simultaneously instead of only one customer at a time on phone calls.
  • It helps you capture key information about visitors. Chat logs give you a lot of quality data about your customers that are easier to mine and synthesize than phone conversations and emails.
  • It gives you an edge over your competitors. Most businesses do not have a live chat on their websites yet. This gives you a way to differentiate yourself and gain an advantage over your competitors.

If you want to improve your business, live chat is something you cannot ignore in your web development. Companies that use live chat see an average of 20 percent increase in conversion. This results in an increase of 305 percent in overall return of investment according to the American Marketing Association.

More customers prefer to use live chat over phone, email, and social media support. However, the expectations of users also increase over time. Below are tips to help reassure and nurture your customers using live chat.

Live Chat Tips Nurture Your Online Presence

Live Chat Tips Nurture Your Online Presence
  • Make it quick. Speed is king in digital customer service. Your customers might leave if you take too long to respond. You can reduce chat time by using canned or pre-written responses.
  • Ensure high-quality responses. Make sure the responses are helpful. This is your chance to make a good impression so you don’t make your customers feel like they are talking to a bot. Users care deeply about quality. According to a study by Kayako, 95 percent of live chat users say they would prefer slower support if it meant the quality of help was higher.
  • Use proactive, targeted chats. For example, if your customer is browsing a specific app in a webpage. Your chat box can pop up with a question like: “Would you like to start a free trial?” or “Do you want to learn more about our app’s features?”
  • Don’t deceive customers with offline chat. Your website is available on the web 24/7, so your live chat should be too. It will be a big disappointment for your customers if your website has a chat box, but it displays “Chat is offline.” Instead of driving sales, you might even experience a decrease in customers. Wondering how to staff your live chat inexpensively while you sleep? Contact us to find out more.
  • Ask for feedback. A simple post-chat survey or rating will help you evaluate and make adjustments about your customer service. This will also help your customers know that you care enough about their experience to inquire about their feedback.

Over the years, the advantages of utilizing live chat on your business website  have only increased.  You should make it a priority for your web development company to integrate on your website. Live chat cannot be disregarded as a simple customer support service. It also plays an important role in growing the sales and revenue of your business.