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You can rely on our SEO services which only follow the best practices in elevating your search engine rankings and bringing increased traffic. We take pride in being the SEO experts by using the latest optimization techniques that help your website jump rankings in a short time frame.

  • How SEO Helps Your Business Drastically

    Digital visibility is the new storefront, and search terms are the new brick and mortar locations. Get a better spot in town and a fancier storefront with our search engine optimization.

  • More Credibility

    Help your business appear more credible by making it appear at the top of the search results. When people struggle to Google your business, it can cost you legitimacy and market authority.

  • Marketers’ Choice

    We understand the intersection of search optimization and sales, helping you create holistic digital marketing strategies.

  • Higher Close Rates

    We’ll help you get more relevant website traffic that ends with more closing power. We don’t just get you more traffic, we get you the right kind of traffic.

Lefton Realty

Real estate in California’s Simi Valley is competitive, and the search terms for real estate in Simi Valley are just as competitive. Mike signed his realty business up for our 10 keyword solution, and within 3 months he was ranking on the first page of Google for 11 keywords. Higher traffic and more sales. If we can help Mike’s real estate rank in Simi Valley, we can help you rank for whatever you do, wherever you’re at.

Mike Lefton Founder and Broker, Lefton Realty Group
  • Local

    Our keyword research and strategies are optimized for the actual searches that occur in your area.

  • Organic

    Rank for the terms that matter for your business, not the one’s that don’t. Our SEO strategies make your rankings relevant for your business.

  • Competitive

    Know what the other guys are doing to win eyeballs and what we can do to help you compete.

  • Content

    Build networks of engaging, interesting content that gather momentum and generate new sales.

  • SEO-Friendly
    Web Design

    Web design and HTML structures that keep you at the top of Google by satisfying searchers and maintaining lower bounce rates.

  • Targeted Keyword

    In-depth analytics that help us know what people are searching for and how we can help your website collect those searches and turn them into sales.

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we got you

We’ve got ready-made SEO strategies for small businesses to large enterprises. From rudimental to full-service, the choice is yours.

Website Analysis & Recommendation
Duplicate content check
Backlink Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Initial Rank Report
Page Loading Speed Analysis
Up to 40 keywords optimization
Keyword research
All Pages Optimization Homepage only Homepage, About Us, Services only
URL Optimization
Meta Elements Optimization Homepage only Priority Pages All Pages
ALT Tags Optimization
Custom 404 page optimization
Google analytics setup
Robots Txt Optimization
XML and TXT Sitemap Generation
Loading Speed Optimization
GZIP File Compression
Images Optimization
JS Minification
CSS Minification
Sitemaps creation
Google Search Console & Sitemaps submission
High PR Directory submission 20 100 Unlimited
Business Citations Up to 5 Up to 20 Up to 30
Article Posts in a Week 1 3
Press release Writing
Review writing
Google Business listings
Bing Listing
Web2.0 Creation
Infographic Submission
Video Submission
Blog Commenting
Forum/Q & A Engagement
Social Profile Syndication 10 20
Keywords ranking report
Monthly SEO report
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Learn our best practices for leveraging content and SEO to create a high traffic website. It’s free and it’s our gift to you.

Why customers think our grass is way greener

I just want to thank the entire team at Purple Cow for their skill and professionalism in doing our SEO work. The team is not only a pleasure to work with but they are very good too. The Purple Cow team was able to vault us to the first page on Google’s search for some very important keywords.

Richard Johnston Founder, Value This Now

Stop losing, start winning

Let’s dial-in those search terms, diversify that content, and come up with a comprehensive search engine strategy that helps your business win the internet. Get the research, tools, and expert advice that you need to take your business to the next level. We’ve got a plan for every stage of your business.

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