Social media is a powerful tool that can lead the path to insurmountable wealth and riches. However, every now and then small businesses and even some large corporations make mistakes on social media that make their customers hate the company.

Companies often find social media immensely overwhelming, which is why, if they rush to social media without having a carefully structured plan, they are bound to make blunders that are likely to embarrass them and make them lose customers. Here are some common social media mistakes that can frustrate customers.

● Posting Content All The Time
It is true that you need to post content regularly to connect with your customers, but this doesn’t mean that you should flood your customer’s social media timeline with over-posting. This will prompt your audience and potential customers to unlike or unfollow your page.

Pro Tip: Post content only when your customers are online and ensure that the content is relevant. Posting twice a day on an average is considered just right.

● Self Promotion and Bragging
While social media is used by businesses primarily to promote their business and products, too much self-promotion tends to make you appear desperate for attention. What businesses and organizations fail to understand is that social media’s purpose is to build relationships and establish social connections rather than to run promotional content that customers detest.

Pro Tip: Use subtle references to your company when running promotional content.

● Ignoring Customer Complaints
One of the most pivotal aspects of social media strategy is to use it as a platform to carry out effective social customer service. However, many companies tend to ignore or choose not to address any complaints or negative comments made by a dissatisfied customer and only share positive feedback. There couldn’t possibly be a quicker way to make your customers hate you.

Pro Tip: Respond to customer complaints and own up to your mistakes.

● Breaking Away from Your Word
Time after time companies are seen to advertise promotional sales on their social media pages but when customers visit the online stores to benefit from the discounts, they discover some underlying terms and conditions like extra charges for shipping, etc. This is a highly unethical practice and customers may see it as a breach of promise even though they may not be able to prove so on legal grounds.

Pro Tip: Explicitly state any underlying terms and conditions. Transparency is the key.

● Appearing impersonal
Another common mistake that companies tend to make on social media is that they sound impersonal in their interactions with customers which makes them appear as a faceless organization. Customers do not appreciate automated and corporate responses. Rather, you need to have valuable interactions with customers that can humanize your brand.

Pro Tip: Personalize your response to humanize your brand.

To take advantage of all the benefits of social media, it is important that you handle your social media pages in a clever manner. The best thing is to look for a professional that does it the best.