More and more people are using mobile commerce these days. Smartphone and tablet use has grown exponentially, and if you have a retail website that is not geared toward satisfying the needs of those using these to shop, you are way behind the competition.

Here are things you do need to avoid during the critical holiday shopping season to get the most out of your mobile commerce site.

• Never treat your mobile site as a smaller and shrunken version of your main web site

This is a strategy that can actually work for a tablet. For smartphones? Not so much. You may have signed on to the responsive design school of thought, but resizing large images and main site content into mobile pages can slow it to a crawl, and frustrate customers. The best retailers recognize mobile commerce sites for what they really are – a separate entity to be taken seriously.

• Do not drive too much traffic to your mobile page

Never make the mistake of delivering all of your traffic to the same page, especially when that traffic might be for a specific product. Include a link in your social media posts that lead to a custom-designed mobile page for popular products. Most traffic should be directed to your main page for people who are browsing or looking for general information about the business.

Your mobile pages should be designed to give visitors an easy way to purchase the product they are interested in.

• Do not neglect your mobile commerce site

If you are serious about getting traffic to your mobile commerce site, you should always be tweaking it to improve its look, and its performance. During the holiday season, people expect discounts and sales, so you should not disappoint them. A static mobile commerce site gives customers no reason to come back and visit on a regular basis.

• Take note and make use of mobile wallets

Mobile wallets can help convert customers who value their time. They allow for a customer’s information such as address and payment information to be filled in automatically. The check-out process for smartphone customers can be tedious, so you should always look for ways to streamline this process.

Other tools such as Google Wallet and Paypal should be allowed on your mobile site. Customers feel more secure shopping using these online services, and if you are serious about appealing to them, they should be an option for your mobile site, as well as main web page.

Having a mobile commerce site is not something you should create and forget about. You must constantly test it for load and responsive times, and give customers new content to browse. High volume products and services must be given their own direct links from promotional sites on social media. If you keep these things in mind, chances are you will have a successful holiday sales season. and reach your mobile sales goals.