Since the past couple of years, content marketing has gained tremendous heights. Without a doubt, it is an immensely powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal to attract and entice the prospects. However, despite the popularity of content marketing, marketers seem to find it difficult to get the executive support for their ideas and strategies which is critical to ensure its effectiveness. Thus, marketers find themselves handcuffed and bound because of the lack of executive support, and consequently, lack of budget and resources to give their ideas a tangible form.

Failure to find backing from executives and other stakeholders is a common challenge faced by marketers. Here are some tips that can guarantee executive support for your content marketing strategies:

Address the Importance of Content Marketing

While you (marketers) are very much aware of the importance of content marketing in today’s world, the executive staff and stakeholders are fairly oblivious of its potential and benefits. You need to address its importance and support the claim with statistics and research. Talk in the light of facts and quote some successful examples (our blogs contain many!) for your point to be considered valid.

Relate Content Marketing to Your Brand

It is not enough to address the importance of content marketing. In order to sell your idea to those sitting on the higher end, you need to tell them how content marketing is in not only in harmony with wider business objectives, but has the ability to further them. You need to show them how content can strategically be used to tie various departments of the business, be it sales, marketing, customer service or finance together – and how it can benefit each department.

Show How the Said Idea Can Help

Next, you should show how content marketing can have a positive impact on your organization. You can demonstrate this by addressing the following points.
● It will generate web traffic. Also tell them clear about ROI. Since these may be difficult for you to handle, we can get in touch with us to plan a ‘plan’ for you.
● It will also develop leads to be successfully converted
● It will most likely reduce the marketing cost considerably

Explain How You Plan to Execute the Idea

Finally, you need to explain in detail how you plan on to execute the idea. This will cover all the following questions.
● Who is the target audience?
● On what basis did you identify the target audience?
● How do you plan to generate web traffic and leads?
● How will you convert those leads into customers and nurture them?

Basically, you need to create a thorough strategy and give a detailed explanation on how you plan to carry out. To make your strategy more convincing, you need to support it with numbers. Just make sure that they are relatable and not meaningless statistics.