Generally speaking, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a method to successfully be able to make the visitors of your website take the action desired by you. That is, converting the visitors or potential customers into regular customers or buyers.

Every business wishes to expand its customer base and in retrospect boost their sales. In terms of internet marketing, CRO is a method adopted by analytics which enhances the performance of your website with the help of customer feedback and suggestions. This is done by coming up with an effective and elaborate CRO plan and then testing it by implementing it. You need to ask questions like, is my website usable and the content in it searchable, or is the call to action visible?

The primary purpose and goal of CRO is to get into the minds of the users and trying to understand what they think and how they think. This helps you decipher what strategies are likely to impact their behavior. It is important to keep in mind that CRO does not imply manipulating the users into converting. Instead, your conversion rate optimization strategy must entail quality conversation and interaction with the users. If the strategy is successful, it will automatically lead to a better user experience and ultimately to your desired outcome. After all, users are not likely to convert immediately. You need to give them time as for many users conversion is a process. You only have to ease up that process by making all the barriers disappear that exists between your potential customer and your desired action.

Here are some CRO strategies that can help you achieve an optimized website:

– Having a structural approach to the site and the web content
– Ensuring a pleasant user experience
– Making the visitors of the site feel safe with any personal information they share
– Clear and cut linking structure
– Instant loading of the site and other content in it
– Attractive but not distracting landing page layout
– Creative and informative content

Thus a CRO strategy by analytics in the end entails an overall reduction in exit rates of your site, i.e: less and less visitors leave the site given that the strategy is properly created and implemented.

You should remember though, that CRO is a never-ending process, no matter how refined your strategy is. There is always something that needs to be improved and modified which can be identified with continued testing and user feedback.