Relationships matter more than ever in business now, and if you do not believe that, you have not been paying attention to the impact Facebook and Twitter have had. Because of this and more, people want do business with companies that share relevant and useful information with them.

The New Workday and Worker

Business is no longer just a 9 to 5 proposition. If you are a professional organization, that requires the help of qualified professionals, the only social media site that fits the bill is LinkedIn. One out of three professionals in the entire world either has a profile on LinkedIn, or is a visitor. They visit around the clock, so if you are a business with an urgent freelance need, LinkedIn can probably help you.

What Kind Of Businesses Can Benefit From Using LinkedIn?

Obviously, LinkedIn is the premier place on the internet to find information technology experts. But you can also find professionals in sales, marketing, finance, and any number of other business fields, as well as healthcare professionals.

Likewise, LinkedIn is the place for all of those businesses and more to promote what they have to offer the community. Most agencies in the United States now rate LinkedIn as the premier social media site for new businesses. LinkedIn has also grown exponentially recently in the number of business to business transactions.

New Developments Have Changed the Landscape Even More

Recently, LinkedIn acquired, the premier online education company on the internet. They feature thousands and thousands of online video courses on subjects ranging from information technology, to business, creative skills, and software. They have subscriptions for individuals, academic institutions, and government entities to access their video library in order to expand skills sets. These courses are available in a variety of languages including Spanish, French, and German.

It also means more. Members of LinkedIn can access videos and expand their skill sets, and employers can look and see just what courses they have taken, adding loads of value to LinkedIn as a company.

So what kinds of businesses need LinkedIn as a marketing tool? All kinds of businesses can find talent, even outsource tasks, and more on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is for multinational businesses that are hoping to expand their influence and gather more customers.

If a company is not currently using LinkedIn, or planning to use LinkedIn in the very near future, they are planning to fail in today’s global marketplace. This is the need of the hour and you should jump the bandwagon. If you need more details or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We have solution to all your social media marketing needs.