Local SEO is a specific sub-area of SEO. It has become an increasingly important factor of a good online marketing strategy. Local SEO adds a geographical element to searches. Businesses can now optimize to appear in location-specific web searches. The location can be a specific city, state, or even neighborhood.

Local SEO and Best Practices

The last update of the Google search algorithm (termed Pigeon) makes establishing a local search presence even more important for business. Having a good local presence means adding the dimension of place to your overall marketing strategy.

· Create a local business listing on Google+ Local, Yelp, Bing Places, Internet Yellow Pages, and Yahoo! Local.
· Use consistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) across pages.
· Localize your schema markup
· Give your customers the opportunity to review your business online

Benefits of Local SEO

Optimizing your local search presence can have enormous benefits for your business. It will boost sales, increase your visibility (both online and offline) and help you connect with customers. Latest Google statistics tell us that about 20% of search queries are related to location.

Attract and connect with a large numbers of customers

People exceedingly rely on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. when looking for information about local businesses. Google has been including geographic area by default in search results since 2009. If your business caters to customers in a limited geographic area, then local SEO is a must-have part of your online marketing strategy.

Reaching mobile users

An increasing number of people are using their smartphone to access the web. Information released by Google shows that mobile search queries have surpassed desktop searches. This fact alone stands out as a reason to focus on building local SEO. Google also includes location and proximity information in their AdWords algorithm when search queries come from mobile users.

Increased local visibility and easier KPI tracking

Local SEO will enable you to have a more focused marketing campaign. Narrowing down the target market will help you cater more effectively and measure responses more accurately.
Build better customer connections and improve your reputation

Online reviews and ratings will help understand your business and your customers’ needs. Good ratings will boost your online and local reputation. You can offer special online promotions or target store visitors with spur of the moment sales, you will also be able to compare customer’s in-store habits and online preferences.