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Say hello to data-driven website growth!

Save the trial-and-error process with real-time SEO analytics. You’ll skyrocket your revenue in no time.

If You Think SEO Won’t Help Your Business, We’ve Got News For You…

Even when you’ve got the perfect sales campaigns and web design, all that becomes pointless if people aren’t finding you on search engines.

And when you’re not ranking on search engines, that means your brand is out of your customers’ sight—and out of their mind. We can’t have that!

Here’s where we come in.

The Number 1 SEO Expert Service

With Purple Cow’s SEO services, you can elevate your search engine rankings and bring increased traffic to your business.

We use the latest optimization techniques that help your website jump rankings faster than you can say MOO!

Digital Visibility

Digital visibility is just like getting a new storefront for your business. Get a better spot in the digital world and a fancier storefront with our search engine optimization.

More Credibility

Boost your business’s credibility by attaining top-ranking positions in search results.

Marketer’s Choice

Strike the perfect balance between search optimization and sales expertise as we help you craft holistic digital marketing strategies.

Higher Close Rates

Experience the power of relevant website traffic that brings your business increased closing rates. We don’t just get you more traffic, we get you the right audiences to drive your success.

The Proof’s In The Purple Cow Experience

We can get you higher traffic and more sales, even in highly competitive industries!

Mike Lefton, Founder and Broker of Lefton Realty Group, partnered with Purple Cow for a 10 keyword solution. Within 3 months, he got more than he bargained for, ranking on the first page of Google for 11 keywords!

If we could help Mike’s real estate business rank in Simi Valley, we can help you rank for whatever you do, wherever you’re at!

See What We Got Up Our Sleeves

Dominate your local market with our specialized keyword research strategies, tailored for searches happening in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. Get found by the right people, right where it matters.
Ditch the irrelevant jargon and focus on what truly matters for your business. Let our SEO strategies elevate your rankings that align perfectly with your business objectives.
Uncover the secrets of your competitors’ success and use that knowledge to outshine them. Know what the other guys are doing to win eyeballs and what we can do to help you compete.
Build networks of engaging, interesting content that gather momentum and generate new sales opportunities.
Stay on top of Google searches using our Web design and HTML structures designed to satisfy searchers and reduce bounce rates.
Discover what people are really searching for using in-depth search analytics. We’ll help you leverage that knowledge to turn those searches into sales!

Why Choose us?

Here’s Why Clients Think Our Grass Is Way Greener

Stop Losing, Start Winning

Level up your business with our comprehensive search engine strategy! Dial-in those search terms, diversify your content, and conquer the internet with Purple Cow.

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